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The following are a few of the written comments THE LAW OFFICE OF RAED M. ISSA, PLLC. has received from its clients:

  • “Mr. Issa provided me with amazing representation. He is kind, respectful and very informative. I highly recommend his services.” – Ms. Peralta
  • “Cannot express enough what a wonderful experience it was working with Raed. He put me at ease during a difficult situation. Raed is very friendly and easy to talk to. He had my case resolved with the best possible outcome. Phone calls are returned almost immediately, and communication lines are always open through text messages as well. Raed CONSTANTLY kept me informed about my case, and worked diligently to have my case resolved VERY quickly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND retaining Raed as an attorney!!!” – Ms. A.K.
  • “Mr. Issa provided great representation for a DWI case.” – Mr. Montesinos
  • “Mr. Issa got me the outcome I wanted – full custody of my children and a permanent stay away order of protection. Thank you so much! I knew he was the right lawyer for me from day one. He is a very smart and aggressive lawyer. Mr. Issa cared about me and my kids, which is something I could see throughout his representation.” – Ms. Rodriguez
  • “My experience with Raed Issa was exceptional! Raed was very professional and aggressive on my behalf in court. He was straight to the point. Raed represented me like a warrior at my trial… he WON my case! The bottom line is that Raed Issa is a GREAT LAWYER!”– Mr. Gary
  • “Mr Issa is AMAZING!!! He answered my call on a Sunday morning, and spoke with me for over an hour. My boyfriend was looking at a 6 month sentence and was able to get released the 1st day Mr Issa appeared. He was in contact with my every single day until the court date. I’m very pleased with his services and I highly recommend him.”– Ms. Zucchero
  • “Mr. Issa got all of my charges dismissed. Thank you for all your hard work.”– Mr. Garcia
  • “Today is the best day I had so far this year thanks to Raed. He helped me get my daughter back in my life after several court appearences in Family Court and he has given me hope. Thank you Raed. Great lawyer, great guy!”– Mr. Castillo
  • “Thank you very much! I appreciate your service during my court appearances and trial.” – Ms. Flores
  • “Raed was really great. Called him on a Sunday and he was available and very informative about my issue. He was able to tell me exactly what to expect and what he would be able to do. He answered all of my phone calls any time I called and was very understanding to the questions I had. Raed delivered on everything he promised he would be able to do.I would definitely recommend Mr. Raed Issa as a lawyer. Raed Thank You.” – Mr. Vohra
  • “Mr. Issa is one of the best lawyers I have ever seen. He took my case very seriously and started fighting for me from day one. I agree with everyone else that speaks good things about him. He truly cared about me. He performed great in Court and knows the law. Thank you Mr. Issa!!!.” – Ms. Marmolejo
  • “This lawyer. Words can’t describe how thankful we are to have him represent my husband. He is a magnificent lawyer an will go above an beyond to help you in any situation. He deserves more than a five star rating. He’s always been there for me an my husband no matter how bad the situation maybe. He gives way more than a 100% to his clients. Me an my family are very thankful to have him in our corner. So this go’s out to you raed Issa thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate all your doing for our family words can’t describe how thankful we are to have your as our lawyer. Your the best keep up the great work. Smile.” – Ms. Dennison
  • “I agree with reviews about this lawyer. Let me tell you the great experience I had with him. Took control from the beginning. From start to finish this lawyer was great. He answered all my questions and took time to explain things. Stood up for me when I was nervous about court. From the bottom of my heart thank you.” – Ms. Warner
  • “Mr. Issa is a great lawyer. Our case was very complicated. We went back and forth to Court many times and Mr. Issa helped me in every way he could. The outcome of my case was great, physical custody to me and joint legal custody with the other parties, which is a fantastic outcome. He did a great job! Thank you for your services Mr. Issa, especially since the case started as a guardianship matter, the first of its kind for you, I appreciate you making me aware of that fact.” – Ms. Garnere
  • “Mr. Issa was great, I got the outcome that I wanted on my case. He was very informative and knowledgeable. I’m not one that likes talking on the phone, so I texted Mr. Issa and he had no problem with it, he would get back to me within minutes. I highly recommend Mr. Issa for anyone that wants a reputable attorney to represent them.” – Mr. Abud
  • “Thank you Mr. Issa for your great work in Court for me. I will spread the word about your services to my family and friends. I am very very happy. You got everything to go in my favor.” – Ms. Alvarado
  • “Mr. Issa has a lot of experience and fought for me in Court. He worked hard on my case and delivered fantastic results. Mr. Issa exceeded all of my expectations. He is very professional and he kept me up to date on my case with text messages, emails, and phone calls, and he always responded to my questions. During our Court appearances, it became clear that he knows the Judges, District Attorneys, other lawyers, and Court staff very well. I was pleased with his attention to detail and his knowledge of the law. I would definitely hire Mr. Issa again! My family and I cannot thank you enough for your services!” – Ms. Rita
  • “Fantastic outcome! Better than we expected. Trust me – hiring Mr. Issa is money well spent.” – Ms. Ruiz
  • “Raed was a Godsend in helping me with my case. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, talented and intelligent person to represent me. I would recommend him to anyone. Not only does he perform his job extremely well, he personally cared about my situation and the best way to rectify it.” – Mr. Pisani
  • “I am satisfied with Mr. Issa services. He informed be about everything as my court case was proceeding. He definitely fought for my rights. He took his time with me and never rushed me into any decisions.” – Mr. Troupe
  • “Very efficient lawyer. Stayed on top of my case. Represented me in court very well and got me what I wanted. Totally 5 stars! Would hire Mr. Issa for all future court cases. Very understanding and hardworking attorney.” – Ms. Corter
  • “Best lawyer ever! I am so happy with the work he did for me. He is a fighter for his clients. I will recommend him to everyone! Thank you Mr. Issa so much for everything.” – Ms. García
  • “Amazing lawyer. Great communication, always answered my hundreds of questions and explained everything clearly and surly put my mind at ease. Would highly recommended him any day.” – Ms. Flippen
  • “He gets the job done very quickly. Mr. Issa is the best lawyer. He fought hard for me. I am so pleased with everything he did for me. If you need an experienced lawyer make sure you hire him. Thank you Mr. Issa. I am very happy with the results Mr. Issa got for me. Very highly recommended. Five star services!” – Ms. Jacelyn
  • “Raed was amazing. Very kind and thorough. Got a great outcome, would highly highly recommend!!!”– Ms. Storms
  • “Very good lawyer. Great work. Highly recommended.”– Mr. Rivera
  • “My experience with Raed Issa has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am not a person that feels comfortable at all going to court and I am not used to going to court for any reason being that I have a clean record. I must say that he made me feel comfortable and at ease with every stage of this process. I have various disabilities due to the 911 tradegy, being a first responder, and Mr. Issa was nothing but understanding. He was comforting and accommodating. I never thought that a lawyer could be not only your representation but end up being your friend. I would recommend Raed Issa to anyone because of how good he is.” – Mr. Gonzalez
  • “I highly recommend the law office of Raed, he was very informative and attentive to our family. And very knowledgeable we were satisfied with the outcome.” – Mr. Surprise
  • “Mr. Issa provided excellent legal services.” – Ms. Cin. R.
  • “Raed provided excellent legal service combined with a warm welcoming attitude toward my cases in the Middletown NY Court area. I will recommend Mr. Issa to anyone that requires a responsible and caring attorney.” – Mr. Lewis
  • “Raed Issa is an excellent attorney that fights for you and genuinely cares about each case he has. He will not only answer any and all questions, comments, or concerns he will get back to you in timely manner and you speak directly with him. Would highly recommend to anyone in search for an attorney. He closes out cases in a timely manner that it shows results.” – Ms. Desir
  • “The absolute best in the business. Professional and meticulous. I agree with all of the other reviews that I have seen. It’s one thing to get a lawyer who is professional and successful. It’s another thing to get a lawyer who is both of those things plus so much more. Raed not only knew exactly what was needed and made sure that he was prepared, but he genuinely cares too. It’s hard to come by to find a lawyer who is more interested in you and your case than just a paycheck. Raed understands that for most people during a custody case, you are putting your livelihood in the lawyer’s hands. He got me great results. If I ever had to go to court again, I would trust no one but him. Thanks Raed. You are top notch and a class act. I would recommend him to anyone.” – Ms. Beltran
  • “I am very happy with the results Mr. ISSA obtained for me in Court. I recommend this attorney to anyone looking for a fantastic, caring, aggressive and understanding attorney.” – Ms. Coward
  • “I am thankful that I found such an honest and responsible lawyer. From the start, Mr. Issa showed his interest in my case. He was realistic and always answered all my questions. We had a tough case but he was able to resolve my case better than I could have imagined. I would recommend him to anybody looking for an honest and trustworthy criminal lawyer.” – Mr. Ortega
  • “Mr. Issa represented me in family court. I am very happy with his services. He is the best! This attorney fought hard for me and my children and got me a great outcome. He really cares about his clients a lot. This attorney is always prepared and he is very smart. Mr. Issa was very generous with his time and kept me up-to-date with everything throughout the entire process. This lawyer knew what he was doing the whole time and that made me feel confident in him. I recommend this lawyer to anyone looking for an aggressive attorney. Thank you very much Mr. Issa!” – Ms. Chinchilla
  • “I really appreciate what Raed Issa did for me. All charges were dismissed!!! He was there for me during every step. I felt comfortable with him in and out of court. He started working on my case right away. I will be recommending him to my family and friends. Thank you so much!!” – Ms. Gonzalez
  • “Mr. Issa is such a fantastic lawyer!! He has helped me through a lot and makes going to court kind of fun. Honestly he is very professional and knows his stuff. I recommend if you need a lawyer for ANYTHING you choose him.” – Mr. Salgado
  • “I am happy and satisfied with this lawyer. He answered my phone calls. I felt much better about my case after I hired him. I am thankful for his help in court. I will use him again if we need a lawyer.” – Ms. Garcia
  • “Raed Issa has been a great asset to me and my business. He was quick to call me back and provided me with contacts to push my case along further during our initial consultation. Even after the consultation, Raed took the time out of his busy schedule to make sure all my questions were answered. He is meticulous. Being sure to ask you about each and every detail of your case so nothing is missed.” – Mr. Olave
  • “Mr. Issa got all of my charges dismissed. I recommend him greatly. This lawyer’s representation and services were excellent in both the Town of Lloyd Justice Court and the Town of Thompson Justice Court. Mr. Issa explained everything and was knowledgeable. He kept me informed with meetings, calls, and texts and actually cared about me and my cases. This lawyer was always dedicated, available, professional, caring, and I got to speak directly to him every time. He really got the job done! Thanks.”– Mr. King
  • “Perfect lawyer! He got me great results in family-custody Court. I am very happy with Mr. Issa. I hired him to defend me, he did a very good job in court. Nice person and very good lawyer. Recommended lawyer!” – Ms. Chavez
  • “I recommend Mr. Issa because he represented me on a custody/visitation matter and I am very happy with the results! He worked very hard on my case and gave my case a lot of attention. Mr. Issa is a great negotiator and fought for my rights in Court. Mr. Issa is more then a great attorney, he is also a great person and human being.” – Mr. Mack
  • I am very happy with the results I received in family court with Mr. Issa’s representation. I recommend this lawyer to anyone looking for a family court attorney.” – Ms. Smith
  • “He is an up coming meticulous attorney. If I were holding a lawyer draft, he would be my #1 pick. He genuinely cares for his clients and is extremely patient! First experience with a lawyer that had me wondering why am I not paying him more!” – Mr. Rivera
  • “Raed M. Issa was sent to cover for my original lawyer and with only 2 hours to prepare for my case helped me to win it…he’s great to work with and acknowledges all aspects of the case in a caring and determined manner.” – Ms. Stalteri
  • “Great attorney. He always responded quickly and kept me up to date as to the status of my case. Went above and beyond to see to it that the settlement reached reflected my wishes and I would happily recommend him to anyone seeking representation.” – Mr. Strangways
  • “Raed did his job very well, I had a criminal case that we received an amazing & unusual deal for after speaking to the DA. Raed filled me in on everything, was there for me when I needed him (he texts with his iPhone which is greatly convenient to someone of my generation) & defended my rights. Highly recommended.” – Mr. Benjamin
  • “I am satisfied with Mr. Issa’s service during my divorce. I am grateful for his help. This lawyer’s price was economic.” – Mr. J. Morales
  • “Raed Issa was very detailed and professional in handling my case. He was also very patient with my many queries. He was very accessible, if not he would reach out as soon as he could. It was a pleasure to work with Raed, I highly recommend him.” – Ms. A.S.
  • “My experience with Mr Issa is being excellent. He is very professional regarding my case and very good person . I recommend it to somebody need help with their cases.100 % Good Ethic with his profession.” – Ms. Loaiza
  • “Thank you for everything Mr. Issa, I really appreciate all you did for me. Thanks again for being so nice and paying attention to my case.” – Mr. Gutierrez
  • “Really pleased with the results. Fought hard for me. Best experience with a lawyer.” – Mr. Almonte
  • “Thank you attorney Issa. I am very happy with your representation in criminal court.” – Mr. Guiracocha
  • “My first experience en Family Court (Orange County NY) on 2016. I am very thankful for this representation. Raed did a great job. I am very thankful for the results…” – Ms. Kuhl
  • “He is a great lawyer. He always answered my call. He was there to help me every step of the way.” – Ms. Figueroa
  • “I highly recommend this law office for all my attorneys hard work and dedication to my family court case. He always answered all my questions and made sure I always was ok with decisions. So thank you!” – Ms. Francois
  • “Mr. Issa is a excellent lawyer. He got me a great outcome. I recommend this attorney for anyone with a criminal or traffic case.” – Ms. Paui
  • “MY Attorney is the Best and He Cares . Always Available when I needed him and is very serious about bringing the results you want, most importantly he sees you for Your Needs, Not for Your Money!” – Mr. V. Morales
  • “GREAT ATTORNEY! Raed is a professional, aggressive, and honest lawyer! I retained Mr. Issa for my legal matter and he kept me informed and contacted me throughout my case. Raed worked hard for me and provided me with several options. Mr. Issa is a competent and understanding attorney who focused on my case and fought hard to protect my rights. I am very satisfied with Mr. Issa’s representation and I strongly recommend hiring Raed M. Issa, Esq. as your lawyer!” – Mr. A. Morales
  • “Issa handled my custody and visitation. The attorney worked hard to resolve my case and got me the outcome I wanted. Issa is a very good lawyer. He cares about me and my kids. Thank you.” – Mr. Smith
  • “I am very happy and satisfied with Mr. Issa’s representation of my case at the Wallkill Town Court.” – Mr. Thompson
  • “Very professional and gets the job done.”  Ms. Bryant
  • “He did a great job and got me the best outcome.” – Mr. Contreras
  • “Having been through several lawyers with continuous court appointed dates with no results Mr.Issa resolved my case within a timely manner with excellent results in my grandchild’s favor.” – Ms. Pamela
  • “Mr. Issa is a very good attorney! I hired Mr. Issa to represent me in Court and he started to work on my case immediately. I was impressed with his aggressiveness.” – Posted anonymously
  • “Mr. Issa is a great lawyer. He was appointed to me by the court and he made sure he knew my case and was well informed. I got the the outcome that I was looking for. I would recommend 100%.” – Ms. Rodriguez
  • “Exclente abogado muy atento eficaz en su trabajo la verdad los recomiendo 100%.” – Ms. Vega
  • “Un gran abogado,siempre está disponible para cualquier pregunta,y busca obtener el mejor resultado,se muestra agresivo en la corte, lo recomiendo ampliamente,estoy muy contento con los resultados que obtuvo en mi caso.” – Mr. Miron
  • “Recomiendo abogado Issa porque él se preocupa por sus clientes. El señor Issa es un buen abogado. Defendió mis derechos y mis intereses. El señor Issa era un abogado agresivo en la Corte y habló conmigo constantemente.” – Ms. Cortright
  • “La verdad muy satisfecho me llevo un caso y es un abogado con mucha sabiduria e inteligente y lo mas importante que habla eapañol. Y el sabe y lo lleva el caso hasta el final mas que todo que quede satisfecho su cliente.” – Mr. Senmache
  • “El abogado Issa es un abogado excelente que se preocupa más por tu caso que por el pago y como persona es una gran ser humano.” – Ms. Guevara
  • “Utilizado este abogado en dos ocasiones. Estoy muy feliz con este abogado. Este abogado estaba preparado para la Corte y luchó para mí. Él me ayudó a ganar mi caso. Gracias abogado para su ayuda.” – Mr. Sanchez

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• Criminal Defense: Felony and Misdemeanor charges 

• Divorce and Matrimonial 

• Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)

• Employment (Americans with Disabilities Act, Discrimination, Labor Relations, and Sexual Harassment)

• Estate Planning, Probate, and Wills

• Family Court (Child Custody, Visitation, Support, Family Offenses, Orders of Protection, Paternity, Willfulness Hearings, Guardianship, Neglect, Abuse, Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV), and Permanency Hearings)

• Landlord/Tenant (Evictions)

• Personal Injury/Accidents

• Real Estate Closings (Purchases and Sales)

• Traffic Tickets and Vehicle Offenses